Chief Red Crow. Signatory to Treaty No.7 in 1877

The Blood Tribe has a population of 12,800 (2015) occupying approximately 549.7 square miles with a Timber Limit in the Rocky Mountains of approximately 7.5 square miles. Three rivers, the Old Man, St. Mary and Belly, border the Blood reserve. The traditional Blackfoot territory extends from the Rocky Mountains to the West; the Sand Hills to the East; to the North Saskatchewan in the North, and the Yellowstone in the South. The Blood Tribe Administration situated in Stand Off is the administrative centre of the Blood Tribe.

LAND BASE: 557.2 sq miles  POPULATION: 12,800 (as of 2015)

Stand Off, Moses Lake, Levern, Old Agency, Fish Creek, Fort Whoop-Up and Bullhorn

Blood Tribe Chief & Council 2016

Head Chief: Roy Fox

Councilors: Henry Shade, Kirby Dean Many Fingers, Franklyn White Quills,  Marcel Patrick Weasel Head, Timothy Allen Tail Feathers, Dorothy Theresa First Rider, Floyd Peter Big Head, Joanne Lemieux, Kyla Deann Crow Spread His Wings, Roy Fox, Lance Allen Tail Feathers,  Leanne Robin Little Bear, and Martin Heavy Head.


Map of the Blood Reserve located in Southern Alberta, Canada