Marsha Crow EagleOki! My name is Marsha Crow Eagle, I am happy to let the people know that we had a successful year again this Easter Holiday.

I began this Easter event last year by doing my own fundraising with the help of my family and extended family members. We managed to raise enough for 100 Easter baskets and 4 bikes(2 small & 2 big bikes) which me and my husband donated for ages 3 to 12 for boys and girls in Stand Offand other communities.

I really care about children and don’t like seeing them go without. So this is one of the reasons I am dedicating myself to do this. We enjoy seeing them with such a happy glow about them.

Here are the donors that really helped make a difference this year:

Blood Tribe Department of Health, Economic Development, Social Development, NCBR (Vivian WQ), Public Relations, Recreation, Lethbridge End of the Roll; Magrath Custom Windows & Doors; Fort Macleod Don’s Barber Shop, Lethbridge Fairfields, Lethbridge Rona, Lethbridge Vogue, Management/Finance and my husband Les Vielle.

To all the people, businesses and organizations who donated to this event, I would like very much to thank you all.

I hope we have another gifted Easter event again next year.