Blood Tribe Chief and Council – Communiqué -May 19th 2016

For Immediate Release Blood Tribe Chief and Council Engage Co-Management Arrangement May 19, 2016 Stand Off –

The Blood Tribe Chief and Council have entered into a co-management arrangement with one of it’s tribal entities, the Blood Tribe Agricultural Project (BTAP) The intervention was a result of BTAP’s financial reporting requirements to the Blood Tribe’s finance committee. Despite success and demand for it’s production of agricultural products, BTAP had recently been experiencing financial and management challenges. Chief and Council, who are also shareholders of the corporation on behalf of the membership, were earnest in engaging the co-management process. This intervention mechanism will provide an accurate picture of the corporation’s current operation and find ways of improving workflow.

For more information please contact:

Rick Tailfeathers

Public Relations Officer

(403) 308-0760