Complete The First Nations Regional Health Survey – Win a Trip To Las Vegas

RHS3 grand prize-poster[1] (RHS for short) is the only First Nations -governed, national health survey in Canada. It  collects information about on reserve and northern First Nations communities based on both Western and traditional understandings of health and well-being.
The first RHS took place in 1997 (RHS 1997) and involved First Nations and Inuit from across Canada. At the time, reliable information on the health and wellbeing of First Nations and Inuit was severely lacking due to the exclusion of First Nations and Inuit from major national health surveys.
RHS 1997 was implemented to address these deficiencies while acknowledging the need for First Nations and Inuit to control their own health information based on the First Nations principles of OCAP (ownership, control, access and possession of our data, information and traditional knowledge).
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