Chief and Council are aware of the serious problem of drug abuse in our community, and in particular a street drug which is being referred to as Oxy 80. We are extremely concerned about the well being of our tribal members. We have been informed that at least 6 deaths in the community can be attributed to the street drug Oxy 80; some of these incidents have involved a combination of drugs including methadone.

According to the Doctors serving our community they “have seen an escalation of overdoses with near respiratory collapse caused by the ingestion of a pill that pretends to be Oxy 80mg, yet actually contains such strong narcotics that when taken by even the hardiest of addicts has the potential to cause respiratory arrest and death after just one dose due to its potency.

More deadly than the anything before, this new street drug is being sold to unsuspecting narcotics users who are addicted to oxycodone. They buy it illicitly thinking they are getting an Oxy 80 and then all too frequently end up unconscious and near dead. If not found in time, or if they mix it with a cocktail of alcohol or sleeping medications, they will be dead. We think it is made in labs from super strong narcotics that are usually injected in protected environments, at doses exceeding anything anyone has seen or had before.

For in the last 6 months we have experienced a veritable epidemic of respiratory collapse in response to “oxy 80” overdoses, in one case the actual remnants of the pill were captured in the nasogastric tube inserted to help resuscitate a victim.”

Chief and Council issue this warning so the community can be aware of the dangers of taking this drug and urge you to take whatever steps are necessary to inform and warn your families and friends of the dangers. Please encourage your children and their friends to be careful and to watch out for each other.

We are also aware of the problem of prescription drug abuse and are taking comprehensive measures to address this problem in our community. As this action plan develops the community will be kept informed.

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