Standoff Truck Fill Closure Oct, 17/2016 to May 2017

Public Works is in Phase 2 of our Optimization of the Water Treatment Plants (WTP).  Part of this Phase is the upgrade of the Standoff Truck Fill and Mokowanne Ridge building that feeds our rural water line to the houses to the east.  Public Works will be building a new building which will combine both truck fill and Mokowanne Ridge.
Construction is to begin October 17, 2016, to be completed May 2017 which means Standoff Truck fill be shut down until May 2017.  The community and Public Works will have to haul water out of Laverne, Mosses Lake and Old Agency truck Fills.  Public Works is sorry for the inconvenient but it is necessary.   
If anyone have anymore questions, please contact Terrence Bottle.
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