kcsclogo–Warning to adults/caregivers/guardians who subject their children to harmful dangers of injury and drug abuses–


In light of recent deaths regarding Oxy 80’s and/or alcohol and drug abuse, this will serve as a reminder that the Blood Tribe Child Protection is an authority governed by the Child Youth & Family Enhancement Act. This act outlines several reasons that children may be apprehended according to the Interpretation for example:

Interpretation (3) (a) a child is emotionally injured  (ii) if there is reasonable and probable grounds to believe that the emotional injury is a result of: (F) chronic alcohol or drug abuse by the guardian or by anyone living in the same residence as the child (see attached file).


Please be advised that Kainaiwa Children’s Services Prevention and Support (403-727-2900) department promotes families staying together in a healthy environment by facilitating voluntary parenting programs and a wide variety of prevention and support programs. We understand that family members and BTA departments may have concerns regarding Blood Tribe Families with whom we interact with on a daily basis that have cause for concern in alcohol or drug abuse. There are 2 options to consider when calling your concerns to KCSC with one being that you call the Prevention and Support department to speak to an intake worker to voice your concern and our staff may determine if a home visit is required to the particular family and determine which other BTA departments may need to be involved and/or which supports to put in place to keep the family healthy. This option is a less intrusive approach with minimal disruption to the family unit in the event that the family is willing to accept the supports and follow through.


Another option would be to call BT Child Protection Unit (403-737-3437) and speak to the intake worker to help determine if the child(ren) are in need of intervention services such as the section quoted above. Your name will be kept confidential and the family will not be given your name if an investigation takes place. Details of this investigation and/or consequences (ie apprehension) cannot be released to you (the caller) and may take time to complete. This option is formal and may involve court appearances for the caregivers, which is a more intrusive approach, however the safety and wellbeing of the child is of concern first and foremost.


Please understand that once you call the BTCPS and if an investigation is warranted the caregivers name will be kept on file indefinitely and may hinder some employment options in the future. In the past we have had spouses call on one another during the heat of a dispute with false accusations, only to resolve their issues and get back together again. They do not realize the long-term issues they face with their actions.


KCSC believes that the Blood Tribe has several professional helping services to access and place in support for our family/clients to remain together and that we should avoid apprehending children if possible. However the family/clients also have to understand that they need to be willing to accept the assistance as well or their family unit may be jeopardized.


Thank you for your time and should you require additional information or clarity regarding this subject, please call an intake worker at 403-737-3437 or 403-737-2900.

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