Official Statement from Blood Tribe regarding recent events in Lethbridge



Blood Tribe Chief and Council

October 8, 2016

For immediate release


Stand Off – The Blood Tribe Chief and Council were saddened to hear about the incident in the city where a young lady was assaulted and injured. Our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family. We do not condone violence of any kind and are working hard in our community to address social issues.

We are also concerned about what appears to be backlash from some sectors of the Lethbridge community when the person arrested in relation to this crime was identified as being from the Blood Tribe.  We are prepared to meet with city officials to address these concerns. We are advising any person who experiences any type of threat or adverse encounter related to this matter to contact the nearest police service and respective local government authority.

The Blood Tribe has been a historic presence in southern Alberta and has been a good  neighbor and is committed to maintaining its role and its relationships in the best interests of all concerned.

Chief and Council do not condone violence of any type and want to send the message that there will be zero tolerance for retaliation by anyone.

At this time, we encourage safety measures to members who are out in public and to report any incidents that occur. Chief and Council will be in communication with neighboring governments to sit down and discuss solutions.


For more information:

Rick Tailfeathers

Blood Tribe Communications

(403) 308-0760.