City of Lethbridge and the Blood Tribe stand together

lethbridge-blood-tribe-bannerLethbridge, AB – In the wake of a recent act of violence in the community, leaders from the City of Lethbridge and the Blood Tribe are standing together to ask all residents for their kindness, understanding and respect during this difficult time.

On September 30, a 25 year-old-woman was randomly attacked and sexually assaulted while walking to work. On October 5,police charged a 20 year old man in relation to the crime. “First and foremost, as a community, we want to be compassionate to all those impacted by this horrible crime.

There is a young lady and her family who need our positive energy and support,” says Mayor Chris Spearman. “What we don’t want to see is the spreading of hatred and the threat of more violence, which we have unfortunately witnessed over the last several days.”

Discriminatory and racial comments shared in person and on social media since the incident are concerning to leaders both in the City and on the Blood Tribe reserve.

“Our sincere sympathies go out to those involved in this incident,” says Blood Tribe Chief Charles Weaselhead. “We need to stand as one community, to work together to ensure a safe and healthy home for everyone in Lethbridge.”

If anyone at any time feels they may be in danger or needs assistance, they are encouraged to call the police and should never take matters into their own hands.The Lethbridge Police Service takes all calls seriously and allegations will be thoroughly investigated.

Leaders from the City of Lethbridge, Lethbridge Police Service, Blood Tribe and the Blood Tribe Police, met Tuesday to discuss their concerns. The Blood Tribe Council and Mayor Spearman, on behalf of Lethbridge City Council, made a commitment to work together to address the root causes of violence. This was the first of several meetings planned to create strategies around racism, discrimination and violence. All parties are committed to working together to ensure a safe and unified Lethbridge for all residents.

Media Contact:
Tara Grindle, Communications Consultant
City of Lethbridge
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Rick Tailfeathers, Communications Director
Blood Tribe
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