Blood Tribe Public Works – Road Update: February 8, 2017


Blood Tribe Public Works – Road Update: February 8, 2017

Zone 1: Shawn Shade, Cleared all main roadways – Fish Creek area to Justin Shade’s and will continue to old #2.
Zone 2: Leon Young Pine, Cleared all main roads – Hwy #2 south to Farm 4 to St. Paul turn-off. Will continue to Old # 2 to Kainai High School – Head Quarters east to Alex Good Striker’s north to Pete Day Riders.
Zone 3: Tommy Many Fingers, Levern: Main Roadways all cleared.
Zone 4: Richard Vare, Cleared all main roadways in Zone – Andy Black Water – Mike Oka and Center Lease
Zone 5: Les Big Swallow, Cleared all main roadways from Band Ranch to Barbara Scout Residence – along Hwy # 509 south to Leonard Many Bears continue to Ron Healy
Zone 6: William Cross Child, Completed all main roadways in Whoop Up Area back to #509

Jesse Heavy Runner, Cher Eagle Tail Feathers, Jace Wolf Child: Assist with Loader, clearing driveways for Elders, Medical & Handicap.Contractor: Wilton Day Chief, Hwy #509 – Healy Bridge to Late: Regis Bruised Heads and continue to Marna Standing Alone’s.Contractor: Tracy Day Chief, East Ridge – North to #509 continue to Martin Heavy Head – South to Jim Plume’s.

Blood Tribe Public Works has been receiving high volume calls for Snow Removal. We’d like to apologize for the inconvenience and would like to thank you for your continued patience.

The operators are trying their best to ensure all main roadways are cleared and safe for travel.

Do not hesitate to call – After hour emergencies:

Joe L. Healy, Director: (403) 635-4264
Terrence Bottle, Utilities Coordinator: (403) 635-4565
Kelvin Black Horse, Supervisor – Road Maintenance:(403) 634-4264
Delray First Rider, Safety Officer: (403) 635-4261

Additional questions or concerns do not hesitate to call
Blood Tribe Public Works at: (403)737-2540.

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