Apology from Carriage House Theatre

 The Carriage House Theatre would like the First Nations people to understand that there was no intent to offend in our production of Peter Pan. But saying that, in our ignorance we have offended. We have gathered our production team and have actually changed the characters in the show as well as the costumes. There will be no Henny Penny tribe. We have prided ourselves on working with the First Nations people – in one example – we donated our facility to the ONEHEART youth when presenting the production ” A Tribute to Highway of Tears” by the Pretty Moon Theatre group. We advertised Peter Pan in July of 2016 at the theatre, on our marquee and in our many facebook groups. We asked many of the First Nations people to audition – unfortunately they did not. In hindsight, we wish that we would have consulted with First Nations people – or we wish that they would have let us know the offensive parts of the show.   We obviously did not have the cultural sensitivity to recognize it for ourselves. Hindsight is always wiser.  Please know we are doing what we can. FYI – a side line – when I spoke to a young girl who attended the show last week, I asked her what she liked about the show. Her comment – I loved that everyone was friends at the end. That is what we hoped people would learn from our show. We recognize in this situation, we too have much to learn and feel sorry for all that has transpired due to our lack of cultural awareness.

-Alonna Leavitt

Owner of the Carriage House Theatre