The Blood Tribe is pleased to announce that it has entered into an Opportunities Assessment Memorandum of Understanding (the “Agreement”) with an affiliate of Indigena Capital (“Indigena”), a specialized provider of investment capital to Indigenous Nations. The purpose of the Agreement is to align the long-term commercial interests of the Blood Tribe with a management team that has a proven track record of successfully partnering with First Nations to create meaningful economic value. Indigena’s principals bring over three decades of focused experience to assist the Blood Tribe in assessing and implementing potential new ventures and business opportunities.

Historically, the Blood Tribe was allied politically, culturally and economically with the Siksika (Blackfoot) and Piikani (Peigans) forming what historians refer to as the Blackfoot Confederacy. In 1877 the Blackfoot speaking peoples entered into Treaty No. 7 with the British Crown. Today the Blood Tribe has the largest reserve in Canada, encompassing nearly 600 square miles, located approximately 200 kilometers south of Calgary, Alberta with over 12,000 members both on & off-reserve. While the Blood Tribe’s historical business ties have been to agriculture, they have a tradition of innovative economic development strategies dating at least as far back as the launching in 1971 of Kainai Industries, a sectional housing plant owned and operated by the Blood Tribe.

By entering into the Agreement the Blood Tribe is able to utilize Indigena’s substantial technical and financial expertise to analyze potential economic, business and commercial ventures associated with the Blood Tribe’s various resources, lands and traditional territory, and the complete associated value chain. Indigena has committed to evaluate the business opportunities for their investment potential, and propose partnership structure with the Blood Tribe where Indigena provides capital and expertise as required to incubate the projects for the mutual benefit of both the Blood Tribe and Indigena.

Chief Roy Fox commented, “By entering into this Agreement with Indigena, the Blood Tribe is positioning itself to significantly expand its participation in the commercial activities taking place on and around our lands. Key initiatives relate to our agribusiness and their associated supply chains, renewable energy and other commercial resources on our estate. By taking an active role we can assist the Province of Alberta and Canada in meeting their carbon reduction commitments by advancing our wind energy project. It is time for the Blood Tribe to have an active participation in the commercial projects being advanced in Southern Alberta.”

Blood Tribe Chief Roy Fox

John P. Jurrius, Christine Robertson – Idigena Capitol

Christine Robertson, President of Indigena noted, “We’re extremely pleased about the Agreement with the Blood Tribe. Their reserve is strategically located in an area that will see significant commercial and resource activity in the future. Chief Fox and Council have shown real leadership and understanding of the need to be proactive in ensuring that these activities benefit their Nation through increased opportunities in employment, equity, participation in resource development and potentially more financial resources to address the challenges facing their communities.”

About Indigena

The principals of Indigena have specialized in partnering exclusively with Tribal Nations in the United States and First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples in Canada for over three decades. This unique and advantaged investment space offers a world-class portfolio of opportunities that stem from the Treaty, Traditional Territory and Reserve or Reservation rights of Indigenous Nations. The Indigenous emerging market, however, has been overlooked for decades as capital providers are often deterred by the antiquated regulations and special jurisdictions that the Federal Governments put in place more than a century ago. Consequently, these limitations create an inequity, as Indigenous Nations are not able to fully realize the benefits of their resources and rights. Indigena brings the capital, experience and expertise to assist Nations in remedying this inequity and providing a platform through which the financial community can engage.

In response to Nations’ requests to help build their economies, Indigena’s principals have partnered in over 70 transactions, invested $450 million of direct capital and sourced $1.7 billion in joint venture capital. Through discipline capital allocation, the return expectations of investors can be met while creating the foundation for self-sustaining economies for Nations.

For more information regarding Indigena, please visit or contact Christine Robertson at 403-930-0900 or [email protected]