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Trespassing Bylaw No.03-2015

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Trespass Bylaw?

-The Trespass Bylaw is a law to provide for the removal and punishment of persons trespassing on the Blood Indian Reserve No. 148 and 148A (Timber Limit) or for frequenting the Reserve for prohibited purposes.

-The Bylaw provides the authorization to the Blood Tribe Police to remove and charge those people that are trespassing on the Reserve. Any person found on the Reserve who is not a Blood Tribe member is presumed to be trespassing unless they can prove otherwise.

-The Bylaw is not intended to punish or control those persons who are invited onto the Reserve and are not creating problems or entering into unlawful activities. The Bylaw is intended to provide a method to identify those persons who do not have permission to be on the Blood Reserve.


 Why is the Trespass Bylaw needed?

-Blood Tribe Council has had ongoing concerns with respect to persons entering on the Blood Reserve for purposes related to the unlawful use and distribution of drugs to the detriment of Blood Tribe members. Council has taken several steps to minimize the impacts of the fentanyl/drug crisis on the Blood Reserve and to ensure the safety of Blood Tribe members. Enacting the Trespass Bylaw is one of the steps that Council has taken as part of the overall Drug Strategy which is discussed below.

When will the Trespass Bylaw come into force?

The Trespass Bylaw will come into force ten (10) days after it is published on the Blood Tribe Council website. Council published the Bylaw on May 3, 2017 and the Bylaw and will come into force on May 13, 2017.

Who will enforce the Trespass Bylaw?

The Blood Tribe Police will enforce the Bylaw. The Federal Crown will be prosecuting any charges under the Bylaw

What is the process for obtaining the Permits?

-Contact the Blood Tribe Land Management Department at: (403) 737-8151 for details on the application process

-Contact The Blood Tribe Membership Department at: (403) 737-8109 for Residency Permits


What are the Permit Regulations?

-The Regulations are made pursuant to the Trespassing Bylaw and establish a system of issuing Permits that will provide individuals or businesses with proof required to show that they have authorization to be on the Reserve for specific purposes. Click Here for more information about Permit Regulations

What kind of Permits are there?

-The types of permits that may be applied for by non-Blood Tribe members are: 

Residency Permits: A Residency Permit is required for any Person who resides on the Blood Reserve and is not a Blood Tribe member, including the spouse of a Blood Tribe member residing on the Reserve and children under the age of 18 who are children or grandchildren of either a Blood Tribe member or the spouse of a Blood Tribe member.

Entry Permits: Entry Permits may be applied for annual, season, specific or day purposes by non-Blood Tribe members conducting lawful activities on the Blood Reserve. Entry Permits shall be issued either annually, for a specified time period or as a day pass.




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