In a story written by Lethbridge Herald writer Tim Kalinowski on April 20, 2018 titled Blood Tribe to designate land for lease outside the tribe, regarding the designation of land and the lease agreement, the 99 year agreement covers the time frame for all leases and the end-date for when the lease expires. The story seems to suggest investors seeking to do business with the Blood Tribe can negotiate individual leases for up to 99 years in securing their operations — which is not the case.

The Land Designation referendum was for two areas – Moccasin Flats Plaza (2.6 Acres) and the Kainai Industries area in Standoff (54.79 Acres). The 99 year lease would be held by a 100% Blood Tribe owned entity, which would then sublease to individuals or companies that are interested in operating commercial or industrial businesses. The leases are not restricted to non-members and can be to Blood Tribe members and ventures.

It will be at the discretion of the Blood Tribe to determine each lease request, business type and the length of the lease. Opportunities include, franchising, creating their own structures or to rent space at the Moccasin Flats Plaza or Kainai Industries building.

For further information in clarifying the Land Designation process, please contact Rob Crow, Director, Blood Tribe Economic Development, at 403.737.8124.