The Blood Tribe’s Tribal Government Pillar celebrated the 30thAnniversary of Kainayssini on Monday, October 29th, 2018 with an Open House at the Multi-purpose building in Stand Off that featured many tribal departments, entity booths and displays for the public to gather information on each of their activities. Elder Wilton Goodstriker provided his knowledge and wisdom and kept the Open House activity flowing smoothly throughout the daylong event.


Blood elder Dale Low Horn shared his blessings with a prayer to begin the 30thanniversary celebration and the Old Agency drum group sang the Flag Song prior to the beginning of the function.


The Tribal Government Committee, consisting of Blood Councilors Dorothy First Rider (Chairperson), Kirby Many Fingers, Joanne Lemieux and Martin Heavy Head shared words of encouragement and their pillar involvement and preceded a presentation on Kainayssini before lunch was served.


During the lunch-break, presentations from each of the Tribal Government Pillar members gave presentations. These included: Tribal Government & External Affairs, Kainai Peacemaking program, Consultation & TLUS, Akers Trusts 1 & 2, Blood Tribe Police, Blood Tribe Membership, Red Crow College, Kainai Board of Education and the Kainai Transition Society.


The people were treated to an afternoon and supper meal with refreshments served throughout the day. A few tribal members were lucky winners of door prizes at the conclusion of the 30thanniversary Open House.


Kainai Peacemaking Program

Kainai Transition Centre Society

Blood Tribe Police

Canada Border Services Agency

Martin Heavy Head and Wilton Goodstriker with BTP member

Red Crow College














The Tribal Government Committee would like to acknowledge the efforts and participation of the departments and entities of the Tribal Government Pillar and thank the elders for their prayers and encouragement. Members of the tribal Government Pillar offered a huge acknowledgement to elder Wilton Goodstriker for his emcee duties, and to the people who participated in the Open House. Also, thank you to the caterers who provided the meals and refreshments during the event.

Specific Claims

Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir Project

Mike Oka – Traditional Land Use Study

Darnel Tailfeathers – Tribal Government

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