Communique Blood Tribe Agricultural Project For Immediate Release Dec.10/2018

BTAP Pays Dividend to Tribe, showing Profitability

At a BTAP Board of Directors meeting on November 29/18, the Board

presented a dividend payment to the Chief and Council in the amount of


This payment represents a change in the profitability of the organization and

the move to becoming a good corporate citizen. BTAP has initiated the original

“irrigation mall” business model that divides the rental payments to certain

allocations to ensure operations, Dryland rent to Tribe, pivot replacement, new

capital investment and a payment to the Chief and Council as the Shareholders

of BTAP. Council will be directing these funds to much needed community

initiatives and other areas.

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Board and Staff – Blood Tribe Agricultural Project (1991).

L-R: Hank Shade, Kirby Many Fingers, Kyla Crow, Lance Tailfeathers, Marcel Weasel Head


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