MEDIA RELEASE – Blood Tribe Chief and Council Engage State of Emergency

March 6, 2015 Stand Off

– The Blood Tribe Chief and Council declared a local state of

emergency on March 4, 2015 in response to the growing community concern of prescription

drug abuse and the recent deaths related to the street drug Oxy 80.

Council’s Health Advisory Committee is currently working with the Blood Tribe Department

of Health (BHTD) along with other service providers in carrying out a strategic action plan to

provide proper support to the community. The committee has partnered with the University of

Lethbridge Faculty of Health Sciences in conducting an asset mapping exercise that will

determine what services are available and what is needed in providing assistance to those

dealing with addictions.

Dr. Esther Tailfeathers, physician for the tribe, has advocated the medication Naloxone to

counter the effects of opioids in overdose situations. First Nations and Inuit Health Branch

(FNIHB) have provided 47 Naloxone kits to the tribe and Council is prepared to purchase more

kits if needed. A series of community meetings were held in Levern, Moses Lake, and Stand

Off this week to inform the public of what Naloxone is and the necessary training required in

administering the medication.

The Blood Tribe Police Service is taking immediate action that priority is given to combat the

growing unlawful drug sales and increasing use of opiates, including Oxy 80 within the Blood

Tribe community. The Blood Tribe Police Services has on-going investigations related to these

concerns. Two officers have been dedicated to concentrate their time exclusively to drug

related investigations of this type. They have been assigned to the newly formed Crime

Reduction Unit (CRU) and have been chosen based on their related experience and training in

drug trafficking investigations.

Officials for the Blood Tribe met with the Alberta Emergency Management Agency to begin

assessment of the local state of emergency request. The tribe will also actively seek federal

health funding in providing additional resources. Chief and Council are aware of the

community driven process in combating prescription drug abuse and want to support that

awareness with the acknowledgment of the on-going activities put on by Blood tribe members.


For more information, please contact:

Rick Tailfeathers

(403) 308-0760

Blood Tribe Communications & Public Relations