THE BLOOD TRIBE CHIEF & COUNCIL ISSUE FAKE OXY80 WARNING Stand-Off, Alberta (Friday March 20, 2015) – Blood Tribe Chief and Council and local Health Officials would like to send out an immediate warning that there is a batch of fake OXY80 pills currently on the streets that have a deadly dosage. On Friday, there have been reports of an increase in overdoses from local Emergency departments, and members of the Blood Tribe are urged to warn all your family members and friends of this deadly pill. “It is suspected that the potency of this new influx of Fake Oxy80 is higher and deadlier than ever before and is now combined with other drugs including ecstasy” says Dr. Esther Tailfeathers. Effects of these fake Oxy80 pills can cause respiratory arrest and death after just one dose due to its potency. Chief and Council are currently working with a Core Team to prepare and distribute overdose prevention kits this week, and to improve treatment options for our community. In the short term, if you are addicted to prescription drugs or fake Oxy80’s and need help, seek help from your doctor or from Wellness. If you have information regarding drug activity, the Blood Tribe Police have established dedicated tip line to allow citizens to provide current information and tips to police anonymously, that email is [email protected] or call them at 403-737-3800. Chief and Council are issuing this warning so the community can be aware of the dangers of taking this drug and urge you to take whatever steps are necessary to inform and warn your families and friends.

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