Kainaiwa Children’s Services Media Release – January 26 – 2016


January 26, 2016


Kainaiwa Children’s Services Corporation response to the outcome of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal

With the recent Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruling, it was found that the Canadian Government discriminates against First Nations Children. Child Welfare programs and delivery of services lacked the supports required to ensure First Nations Children wellbeing was being met. As well, culturally appropriate services were not being provided to children and families living on reserve.

Kainaiwa Children’s Services Corporation (KCSC) was incorporated in 1996 providing Prevention and Support Services to Blood Tribe Children and Families. In 2002 Blood Tribe Child Protection Services Corporation, under the auspices of KCSC, became incorporated as a First Nations Delegated Authority to provide on-reserve child welfare services. The history of indifferences of services provided to First Nation Children has been an on going obstacle in service delivery for children in care.

Kainaiwa Children’s Services Corporation hopes the Federal Government will review the process of inequitable funding for children services in a fair manner to ensure a proper process is developed for all First Nations Children and Families’ holistic (Culturally sensitive) wellbeing.   Kainaiwa Children’s Services Corporation’s direct input is deemed necessary to ensure a fair and unique process to develop a new structure / model for equitable resources to ensure proper service delivery for the Blood Tribe Community as a whole.



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