Stand up Against Bullying

Blood Tribe Administration were in full pink gear helping celebrate the things that make us unique; by participating in Pink Shirt Day. This year’s theme is “Lift each other up!”; a simple yet powerful statement to look out for each other to stand up against bullying.

Blood Tribe Administration - Victoria Big Sorrel Horse, Levina Devine, Sharon Spear Chief, Marlene Blood, Verdun Hind Bull, Pam Blood, Marsha Crow Eagle, Morag Pote, Brenda Weasel Fat
Blood Tribe Administration - Natassia Melting Tallow, Morag Pote, Evelyn Mills, Audrey White Quills, Marsha Crow Eagle, Nadine Tail Feathers, Nathan Weasel Head
Blood Tribe Social Development - Candice Wells, Jean Old Shoes, Marilyn Standing Alone, Shane Sweet Grass, Barb Nish
Blood Tribe Child Protection Services - Natalie Shade, Michelle White Man Left, Harmonie Smith
Blood Tribe Children's Services - Sheila Moses, Pearl Chalifoux, Stacey Day Chief, Hope Wolf Child, Sherilyn Sun

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