EMERGENCY FOOD HAMPERS (Update, March 17/20): Today the BTA Is working quickly on packages and a system of delivery for our most vulnerable population of the Blood Reserve. Because it is an emergency, all work is focused on getting them out within the next week. Currently, Blood Tribe Management is working with Social Development, Family and Community Support Services, Red Crow College, Kainai Board of Education and Department of Health. The group is taking the quickest steps needed to make sure we get to those who need help. More information will be provided on an on-going basis.



  1. what about the band members here in Calgary and other Cities;
    we also need those emergency supplies, can we get updated on what’s going to happen to the urban natives in the cities?.

  2. Thank you, I know I’m good but I worry for my friends and family. This is good news. I appreciate the work you’re doing, and please practice safe handling of things. Very specific for people working in this condition.

  3. Awesome. I want to kindly remind y’all to practice good hand hygiene for the ones who are preparing these hampers for the vulnerable people.

    Be smart. Be safe.

  4. Please don’t forget the babies who need formula, diapers and wipes. I know it’s hard to cover everything but keep our young in mind.

  5. There are many Blood Tribe members/families living in cities – like Calgary, l support and know families in need of support, and given the current situation/crisis it is scary. Within a short time, we are all limited to what we can do – by now many of them are worrying, struggling with fear – what to do and where to turn to, our people in the city don’t have resources like other tribes, don’t forget your people in Calgary. So, here the question- What are the Chief and Councils doing to support the people in Calgary?

  6. oki I’m in Calgary and in need of assistance with food just looking for some info on where I can get help if there is anywhere I can look. Thank you in advance for any info regarding my situation.

  7. What number do I call to get a hold of someone for the Calgary food hampers?
    I’m living in Calgary in the Marlborough area

  8. What will be done for us band member that live as far as Edmonton. I have 2 young sons both under 3. I am wondering what help I can get from up here because the resources up here for us are nothing. We are dealing with empty shelves, everywhere is closed and I’m afraid I don’t have enough food or even pampers or wipes let alone toilet paper up here.

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