Blood Tribe State of Emergency Update: March 22, 2020

In the past few weeks, Blood Tribe members who have travelled on business matters have been monitored for COVID-19 coronavirus and tested – when required. Today, the Blood Tribe Department of Health reported that the vast majority of test results have come back negative and the Blood Tribe still has no confirmed cases. Thanks to the efforts of our health professionals and community who are working hard to make sure we are continuing social distancing and working together to protect our community.

A Blood Tribe State of Emergency was issued on Monday, March 16, 2020 and ALL travel was suspended immediately and ONLY BTA essential services remained open. BTA has taken the following safety measures:

  • Entry to the BTA building has been restricted will not allow anyone with flu-like symptoms into the building.
  • Temperature taking of essential staff and anyone entering the BTA building.
  • Public notices for members to phone departments FIRST instead of entering all buildings
  • All employees practicing the following safety measures – increased hand washing and usage of hand sanitizer; increased disinfecting of all surfaces and social distancing.

The Blood Tribe emergency food packages were prepared with care and caution. It is still recommended that you wipe down food no matter where you get it from: grocery stores, care packages and convenience stores. 

Blood Tribe Management and the Disaster and Emergency Management Team want to thank our frontline workers and Blood Reserve community for practicing calm and extreme caution during this time. Please remember to call (403) 737-8411 if you feel you need a COVID-19 assessment. Please check the Blood Tribe Department of Health COVID-19 page:, for Blood Tribe updates and Alberta Health Services for immediate provincial updates: will provide updates immediately as they are received

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