Emergency Food Packages Update for March 24th

Another shipment of food items came as the Team is continuously preparing packages to be delivered to the groups identified as fixed income. That group remains as:

  • Seniors Citizens – Fixed income 
  • Income Assistance 
  • AISH recipients 
  • Post-secondary students
  • EI Recipients – Current 

Please remember that the packages CANNOT BE PICKED UP in order to make sure we are keeping everyone safe, and we are ONLY DELIVERING the hampers to minimize the risks to our seniors, and those with pre-existing health conditions. Deliveries of 150 packages will resume tomorrow from the morning until 7:00 p.m. 

Blood Tribe members are able to sign up for the packages by calling Blood Tribe Social Development, during work hours, at (403) 737-3974.

We will continue to provide important Blood Tribe information pamphlets in the hampers, so please keep them in a safe place. Updates will be posted on our website: bloodtribe.org and Facebook page Blood Tribe Communications – Tsinikssini on an on-going basis. We thank you all for your patience and strongly encourage everyone to please continue safe hygiene practices, social distancing and restrict your travel for essential purposes only.


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