Blood Tribe/Kainai COVID-19 Response Timeline – March 25th


March 4, 2020              

Blood Tribe Department of Health forwards the link to AHS providing COVID-19 information. Communications & Community engagement share information to all BTA departments and entities.

March 6, 2020              

Blood Tribe Department of Health provided information to share COVID-19 fact sheets with BTA departments and entities. Communications & Community Engagement share fact sheets via e-mail.

March 9, 2020  

Blood Tribe Department of Health provided Powerpoint presentation to be sent to BTA Directors and Managers – forwarded by Communications & Community Engagement.

March 12, 2020:           

BLOOD TRIBE CHIEF AND COUNCIL AND ADMINISTRATION NOTICE: COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) Statement issued from the Office of the SEO responded to heightened concerns of COVID-19 and confirmed there were no confirmed cases on the Blood Reserve along with prevention practices the community should follow. 

March 12, 2020:           

KBE Letter to Parents/Guardians (COVID-19) alerting parents on precautions and KBE monitoring the situation with Alberta.

March 13, 2020:           

BLOOD TRIBE COVID-19 UPDATE FOR MARCH 13, 2020 Statement issued from SEO regarding COVID-19 on the Blood Reserve and there were no confirmed cases as reported by Blood Tribe Department of Health.

March 15, 2020:           

  • KBE Immediately closed all schools indefinitely on the Blood Reserve
  • FCSS immediately closed all daycares indefinitely on the Blood Reserve

March 16, 2020:           

Blood Tribe Chief and Council issued State of Emergency for Blood Reserve

  • Video address by the Chief and issued to public and media

SEO Closes Blood Tribe Administration – only essential services are open for 2 weeks

  • Video addresses by SEO and councillors

BTDH Board Chairperson Update COVID-19

March 17, 2020:           

  • Red Crow College closes due to COVID-19
  • BTA Departments and Entities Emergency COVIC-19 MEETING
  • BTA Essential Services continue with modifications for staff and public safety
  • Kainai Peacemaking Program sessions cancelled until further notice
  • Emergency Food Packages – BTA Departments and Entities meet and delegate resources

March 18, 2020            

*Daily briefings on COVID-19 – Emergency Management

  • Preparations for quarantine beds begin with Kainai Healing Lodge
  • Preparations begin for mobile units for testing
  • KBE Office Temporary Closure, March 19 to April 2, 2020
  • Emergency Care Packages – preparations begin for immediate distribution on Friday, March 19, 2020

March 19, 2020            

*Daily briefings on COVID-10 

  • FCSS Bottle Depot closes until further notice
  • Moses Lake Shelter moves to Moses Lake Hall for safety of clients
  • Blood Tribe Pharmacy is limited on product quantities – issues update to the public
  • Blood Tribe Housing issues preventive maintenance information for Blood Reserve tenants

March 20, 2020            

*Daily briefings – DEM

  • Chief and Council meeting
  • Rick Soup appointed Director of Emergency Management, Blood Tribe
  • Social Development modifies service delivery to ensure safety for staff and clients
  • 140 Emergency food packages are delivered – BTA information packages included, with BTDH Chairperson address, BTDH prevention handouts and COVID-19 information, Housing preventive maintenance information
  • Blood Tribe EM surveying begins for all Blood Reserve households – tenant counts
  • Blood Tribe Land Management modifies service delivery for safety of staff and public. Payments are modified and notice sent out to public

March 21, 2020            

Mobile Medical Unit is deployed to Moses Lake, Levern and Standoff

March 22, 2020            

  • Mobile Medical Unit is deployed to Moses Lake, Levern and Standoff
  • State of Emergency update – addressing Blood Tribe members travel and outlining safety measures for staff and building safety

March 23, 2020            

*Daily briefings – DEM and BTDH

Chief and Council meet – COVID-19 

March 24, 2020            

*Daily briefings – DEM and BTDH

  • Emergency food packages preparing for delivery on March 25, 2020
  • Mobile Medical Unit will be in communities every weekend until end of April 2020 – Moses Lake, Levern and Standoff

March 25, 2020            

*Daily briefings – DEM and BTDH

Delivered 150 emergency food packages

March 26, 2020            

  • Public Works modifies service delivery to protect Blood Tribe members
  • BTLM Crop Proceeds announces Crop Proceed payments to be issued by electronic transfer funds or mailout only, to protect all Blood Tribe members

March 27, 2020            

*Daily briefings – BTDH, DEM

  • Chief and Council meet
  • Emergency food packages delivered – as of this day 504 food emergency packages have been delivered

For more Blood Tribe COVID-19 Updates, please check:

Thank you,

Pam Blood

Director, Communications and Community Engagement

Blood Tribe/Kainai

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