Update: Regarding Delivery of Elders Pamphlets and Face Masks (on reserve)

Attention: Blood Tribe members living on reserve, the elders pamphlet and face mask delivery will continue this weekend on Saturday, June 27 and Sunday, June 28.

The schedule for deliveries has been extended, due to not being able to make it to all houses from the original planned timeline.

So far, the deliveries of the elders pamphlet and free face masks has been made to Zone’s 1 and 2. The remaining Zone’s of 3, 4 are planned to be delivered on Friday, June 26 with Zone’s 5 and 6 to take place over the weekend.

Please be aware, if your house was missed during delivery, a second stage for distribution of the face masks is being planned and you’ll be notified once it’s finalized. Elders pamphlets can be picked up at various stores and gas stations throughout Standoff, including the gas station in Moses Lake and Thunderchief.

Special thank you to Dax and Clifton for all the hard work you’ve done to deliver the materials to Blood Tribe members.

Stay Safe!

Blood Tribe Communications & Community Engagement

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