Community Notice: Tribal Government & External Affairs – “Addressing Racism in the Kainai Area”

Oki Kainai, 

You are invited to participate in a research project titled: “Addressing Racism in the Kainai Area”. This project is being led by the Blood Tribe Tribal Government and being conducted by Dr. Gabrielle Lindstrom (Weasel Head), a Blood Tribe member. The project is part of the Blood Tribe Chief and Council’s response to the longstanding issue of racism that our community has been dealing with. It is an effort to address the negative impacts on our Blood Tribe members and our children, in particular. 

Project Description 

This research project on racism is unique in that it is being led by a First Nation. The purpose of the research is to examine the effects of racism on the members of the Blood Tribe and determine the perspectives and attitudes of the local non-Indigenous people and leadership towards Indigenous peoples. We aim to draw on the strengths of the Blood Tribe to find a respectful pathway towards good relations between Kainai and local non-Indigenous communities. This project also aims to build community capacity in order to improve the well-being of Kainai. 

What will you be asked to do? 

Your participation involves the completion of a survey that will take between 30-45 minutes of your time. You will remain completely anonymous; you will not need to provide your name. The survey will be administered by the office of the Tribal Government, Blood Tribe. You have the option of doing an on-line survey or have the survey mailed to you and return it using an enclosed postage paid envelope. The Human Research Ethics Board of Mount Royal University has approved this research study. The benefits of this research include helping to minimize the stress that comes with experiences of racism. It also offers you an opportunity to share your experiences and thoughts about how racism has impacted you, and the ways that might help ease racial tensions. The survey also ensures that more Blood Tribe members can share their perspectives in a confidential way. 

How can you sign up? 

For further information or to express interest in participating, please contact the Principal Investigator, Dr. Gabrielle Lindstrom or the Co-Investigator, Annabel Crop Eared Wolf: [email protected]; [email protected] To request a mail in survey, please contact Waylon Heavy Runner at [email protected] or at (403) 737-8112, or use the On-line survey link,

The Human Research Ethics Board of Mount Royal University has approved this research study. If you have any questions concerning your rights as a possible participant in this research, please contact the Research Ethics Officer, at Mount Royal University, 403-440-8470, [email protected] 

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