Announcement update on school re-entry on behalf of Kainai Board of Education Superintendent, Cameron Shade (July 23, 2020)

Oki Parents/Guardians,

Additionally, in preparation for Kainai Board of Education (KBE) schools’ re-entry, we acknowledge the announcement made by the Alberta Government on July 21, 2020 that “provincial schools will re-enter via Scenario 1.”

KBE is not mandated to follow suit with the Alberta Government. KBE will implement a re-entry plan that will address the specific needs of our students and community. In essence, while provincial schools will re-enter via Scenario 1, KBE may choose to implement Scenario 2.

Our students’ safety, as well as the community, remains our top priority and any scenario implemented will take this into consideration. We acknowledge that parents/guardians have concerns regarding their children’s well-being and KBE will make every effort to keep students safe and healthy.

Cam Shade Superintendent of Schools Kainai Board of Education

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