Public Notice – Blood Tribe Land Management – August 18, 2020

BTLM Cheque Disbursement & Various Updates

*This is to inform all Blood Tribe Land occupants that the remaining 2020 Grazing Proceeds cheque dates are as follows:

• August 1 – 11, 2020

• September 30, 2020

*The next tri-annual cheque date for Crop Proceeds will be on: 

• Tuesday, December 1, 2020.

*And, the monthly Crop Proceeds payment will continue as usual.

Effective immediately, the remaining cheques in-office can now be issued at the Blood Tribe Land Management (BTLM) office.    Only one person will be allowed into the BTLM office at a time.  Please continue to enter the BTA Building through the front door and the BTA Security staff will inform land occupants as to when they can enter the BTLM office.  The wearing of face masks is mandatory prior to entering the BTA Building, and BTLM office and hand sanitizers are available for public use.  Photo identification must be provided for cheque issuance.  

The cheques can also continue to be either deposited directly to your account or mailed.  If you have not provided your address or direct deposit form, please notify the BTLM Receptionist.

Please take note that in the event the COVID-19 Pandemic cases increase on the Blood Reserve, the BTLM Department will then revert to mail or direct deposits of all cheques.  Notification of the change will then be posted through BTLM Public Notices and BTLM social media.

Interview Requests and Livestock Permits will continue to be conducted through phone calls 

to the BTLM office.  Only Travel Access Permits will be issued at the BTLM office – please follow the BTA Building entrance protocol noted above.

Please contact the BTLM Department at 403-737-8151 if you have any questions.  Thank you for your continued cooperation and please stay safe!

Blood Tribe Land Management Staff

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