Red Crow Community College – (2020/2021 School Re-Entry Plan)

August 24, 2020

Oki students of Red Crow Community College,

Red Crow Community College president, staff, Elders, and Board of Governors want to ensure that each of you receives the best learning experience possible. Our primary concern is the safety of students and staff.

Red Crow Community College has developed a re-entry plan for the upcoming 2020-2021 academic year.

Our re-entry plan will consist of online delivery, except for the Adult Literacy Program, which will be on-campus in a designated location.

Programs via online delivery:

  1. Adult Upgrading
  2. Indigenous Agriculture Preparatory Program (on-site for labs)
  3. Niisitapi Agriculture Certificate Program (on-site for labs)
  4. 2 +2 Arts & Science Program
  5. Indigenous Bachelor of Social Work
  6. Indigenous Mental Health
  7. Niisitapi Arts & Science

Programs that will be on-site in a designated location:

Adult Literacy Program ( scheduled days on-site)

With our programs being delivered online, students will require internet access and computers. Those that do not have access to the technology needed, Red Crow College has set-up the gym at the main campus and the satellite campus common area with computer labs and wifi.

Any students who may require access to computers or wifi, please call either campus to schedule a time to access either of these labs.

As we re-enter the new academic year, all staff and students are required to wear masks in all areas of the college. Masks will be available to students attending Red Crow Community College.

For further information or questions on our re-entry plan, please contact Fee McLean at 403-737-8758.

Thank you,

Roy Weasel Fat, President

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