Blood Reserve School Bus Co-op – (Back to School Announcement)

Attention: Parents/Guardians of returning students,

Written below is a list of schools and school divisions Bus Co-op will be travelling to, along with the bus supervisor’s contact number for each school division and the dates Bus Co-op will start picking up students:

Kainai Board of EducationStart date is Monday, August 31, 2020
• Kainai High School and Middle School – (Contact Doreen Day Rider for route information at 403-331-1818.)
• Saipoyi Community School – (Contact Godfrey Weasel Head at 403-330-7319 for route information.)
• Aahsopi Elementary School, Hill Spring, Glenwood – (Contact Marvin Many Fingers at 403-382-9917 for route information.)

Please Note: the following school divisions have start dates listed; however, there may be changes. Please contact the school division where your child/children will be attending. In some cases, the parents will bring their child/children to school for the first day of registration and orientation.

Lethbridge School Division/Holy Spirit Catholic School DivisionStart date is August 31, 2020 (Contact Tom Little Bear at 403-360-9919 for route information.)

Westwind School DivisionStart date is August 31, 2020 (All Cardston schools including Magrath – Contact Ryan Many Chiefs at 403-849-7089 for route information.)

Livingstone Range School DivisionStart date is September 1, 2020 (Fort Macleod schools – Contact Rayanne Cross Child at 403-634-8012 for route information.)

The safety measures to be implemented by the Blood Reserve School Bus Co-op for the 2020-2021 school year are written below:

* All buses will be brought into the Co-op bus bay to be cleaned and sanitized before August 31. Scheduling should start as soon as possible. Bus owners, please make sure that you are scheduled with Brett or Trudy to have your bus inspected for cleanliness and to have it sanitized.

* Each bus will be equipped with a hands-free pump sanitizer for the students to use. Each driver will have his/her own hand sanitizer, which can only be used by the driver.

* All students will be provided with a mask before entering the bus. Parents, please assess your child each morning for symptoms of COVID-19, like cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose, or sore throat, as well as provide a temperature check. If your child/children show symptoms of COVID-19, please call the Blood Tribe Department of Health to make an appointment to have them tested.

* Students are not allowed to consume any food or drinks while on the bus for safety reasons.

* There will be one student assigned per seat. Families from the same household can share a seat, up to three students’ pending on space.

* All drivers will be required to wear a face mask. Drivers will be provided with a face shield to wear during stops when assisting students on the bus.

* The Bus Co-op is hiring driver safety assistants to ensure students are practicing physical distancing and to help students with entering and exiting the bus.

+ The assistant and or bus driver will clean and sanitize after students exit the bus to prepare for the next run.

+ All drivers will attend COVID-19 Safety Training before driving the bus, which will be provided by Health Officials from Blood Tribe Department of Health. All school division representatives will be on hand with the bus drivers from their school division for training, which will take place on August 19 and 20 at the Coast plaza in Lethbridge. There will be four training sessions facilitated over two days to prevent big groups; physical distancing, the wearing of face masks, and hand sanitizing will be required of all attendees.

+ All drivers and assistants will be required to get COVID-19 testing prior to the first day of driving. If an individual has tested positive in the past and has successfully surpassed the isolation period, a letter from the Blood Tribe Department of Health will be required.

BOX 509



Telephone: {403) 737-2505

Fax: (403) 737-2503

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