Face Mask Packaging Comes to an End on Blood Reserve

The packaging of non-surgical face masks for Blood Reserve residents, from the Alberta Government’s shipment, came to an end on August 27 at White Calf Hall. 

Over the past six weeks, a collaborative team effort of ten Tribal members worked diligently to package the 146,016 face masks the Blood Reserve received into individual packages of four. With the packaging completed, face masks are now available for distribution to Blood Reserve residents at several pick-up points throughout the region.

To help get face masks to our membership, several Blood Tribe departments came together to provide their assistance:

• Blood Tribe Employment and Skills Training stepped up to provide funding, making it possible to hire a packaging crew

• Blood Tribe Recreation & Parks provided a venue for where the packaging crew could work

• Blood Tribe Land Management travelled door-to-door to deliver packages to reserve residents

• Staff members working for Blood Tribe Administration lent a helping hand by packaging the face masks when they first arrived

The face masks Tribal members have received over the past couple of months from various public buildings and businesses have come from this packaging.

While supplies last, Tribal members can still access face masks for free from these locations: 

• Blood Tribe Administration Building – Entrance 

• Human Resource Building – Entrance 

• Kainai Market Place 

• Albert’s Gas Bar 

• Gas Plus Gas Bar 

• Thunderchief Gas Bar 

• Levern Clinic 

• Kainai Women’s Wellness Lodge

• Special Needs Housing (Old Indian Hospital) 

• Kainai Wellness Centre – Entrance 

• Kainai Continuing Care Centre – Entrance 

• Bringing the Spirit Home – Entrance 

• Home Care Community Health – Entrance 

•Standoff Clinic – Entrance 

A big thank you to all Tribal members, departments and businesses, who contributed to the processes involved with the packaging and distributing of face masks.

BTA Maintenance worker Richard Red Crow prepares for his delivery to White Calf Hall by strapping down a load of face masks to the trailer.
From Right to Left: Blood Tribe SEO, Rick Soup and Coy Bruised Head poise for a picture in front of the shipment of face masks the Blood Reserve received from the Alberta Government.
From Top to Bottom: Tenille Day Chief, Cameron Chief Moon, Payton Eagle Plume, Coy Bruised Head, Gus Chief Moon Jr. and Blair Many Fingers work diligently to put face masks packages together on the first day of packaging at White Calf Hall.
From Left to Right: Blair Many Fingers and Gus Chief Moon Jr. safely package the face masks into individual packages of four.
From Left to Right: Coy Bruised Head, Tyleah Many Fingers, Gus Chief Moon Jr., Kailynn Mountain Horse, Blair Many Fingers and Nikesha Many Fingers poise for a picture on their last day of work in front of the stockpile of packaged face masks they assembled.

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