Public Notice: Face mask Reminder – (Blood Reserve) – September 17, 2020

To help keep the Blood Reserve safe from COVID-19 infections and a potential outbreak, the Blood Tribe Emergency Management Team is strongly encouraging all Tribal members to continue to wear a face mask when out in public or when it’s difficult to maintain physical distancing.

Even though the Blood Reserve has maintained its active case numbers for COVID-19 at zero, since the last Friday of Sun Dance, the Blood Tribe Emergency Management Team does not want to see members become relaxed with their efforts in regards to keeping themselves and others safe. So, they would like to remind everyone to continue to follow all COVID-19 safety measures.

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines:

• Physical Distancing of 2 meters (six feet)

• Wearing face masks when out in public or when physical distancing can’t be maintained

• Washing your hands often with warm water and soap for 20 seconds

• Using alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available

• Coughing and sneezing into your arm

• Cleaning and disinfecting areas that are frequently touched (home and office)

• Trying not to touch your face, nose or mouth

• Avoiding non-essential travel and gatherings

• Avoiding close contact with anyone who is sick

• Limiting your passengers to only your household members

• Staying home

The Blood Tribe Emergency Management Team wants to remind all Tribal members free face masks are still available for pick-up at various locations on reserve, so please make sure to grab some if you or your family are in need. 

Face Mask – Distribution Locations

• Blood Tribe Administration – Entrance
• Human Resource – Entrance
• Kainai Market Place
• Albert’s Gas Bar
• Gas Plus Gas Bar
• Thunderchief Gas Bar
• Levern Clinic
• Women’s Shelter (Moses Lake)
• Special Needs Housing (Old Indian Hospital)
• Kainai Wellness Centre – Entrance
• Kainai Continuing Care Centre – Entrance
• Bringing The Spirit Home – Entrance
• Home Care Community Health – Entrance
• Standoff Clinic – Entrance

If you are unsure how to wear a non-medical face mask or need a quick reminder, click on this link below.

For anyone interested in making some homemade face masks, Health Canada has provided some instructions on how to do so on the Government of Canada website.

Please remember, if you do decide to wear a reusable cloth face mask to follow all the safety steps involved with taking care of the protective covering.

To learn more about why it’s vital to wear face masks and how it helps to keep everyone safe from COVID-19, Dr. Mark Joffe – Vice President & Medical Director of Cancer Control Alberta, has made this video to explain.

Stay Safe

Blood Tribe Communications & Community Engagement

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