Distribution Update – Blood Tribe Membership (October 16, 2020)

We want to notify all Tribal members that Blood Tribe Membership is still in the process of trying to mail out the remaining distribution cheques they have left.

At this time, we ask all Tribal members who have not received their distribution to have some compassion and patience towards the staff with Blood Tribe Membership. They have been working diligently by putting in extra time and effort to get the cheques mailed out as soon as they can.

Please understand, since the announcement for distribution was made, there have been many phone calls and emails received by Membership and that it takes time to process and update all the information. It also takes time to create, assemble and mail out the cheques, especially with a membership as large as ours.

To make the process more efficient for Blood Tribe Membership to receive the information needed for distribution, please follow these guidelines:
• Members are to call in only once.
• Members are encouraged to email their information to Blood Tribe Membership.
• Members are to provide their LEGAL name and full address with correct postal code.

The information needed from Tribal Members is:
• Full Legal Name – (No Nicknames)
• Date of Birth
• Treaty Number
• Full Legal Address with Correct Postal Code

For future reference:
Every time there is a Distribution, ALL Members are required to email or phone their information in. Please make sure to leave a phone number that is not disconnected just in case there is something wrong with the information Membership has received. This way, they will have a way to contact you regarding the issue.

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