Trick or Treating at BTA Building on October 30, 2020

Since Halloween falls on Saturday this year and the BTA building will be closed, staff will now hand out candy on Friday, October 30.

Due to COVID-19, BTA staff will hand out candy to children from outside the building in the front parking lot, starting at 10:00 a.m.

One bag of candy will be given per child in attendance until supplies run out.

Treats will be handed out near the white “BTA Maintenance” truck in the building’s front parking lot.

To keep everyone safe, please follow this procedure to pick up the candy:
• Line up at the table (physically distance from one another) near the white “BTA Maintenance” truck.
• Once the candy is placed on the table by BTA staff, you can then pick up the treats off the table. (please stay six feet from the table until candy is placed)

* If you plan on doing the trick or treating at the BTA building, we ask that you wear a face mask to help keep everyone involved safe and be respectful to the staff involved.

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