Tribal Government Seeks Assistance in Collecting Information to Complete Research Project on Racism Through Survey – (Addressing Racism in the Kainai Area)

If you have ever experienced racism in southern Alberta or would like to see the issue addressed, this is your chance to share your experiences and provide your concerns.

To help make positive change and ease racial tension in the area, our Tribal Government is facilitating a research project that examines the effects and impacts of racism on members of the Blood Tribe. In order to collect the information required to develop a better understanding of the racial issues, Tribal Government is administering a survey that will help determine the attitudes and perspectives of the local non-Indigenous people and leadership towards Indigenous people.

At this time, our Tribal Government is seeking assistance to have more of the surveys completed for the research project to gather enough data to identify the issues.

Other goals for the research project include helping to minimize the stress that comes with racism experiences, finding a respectful pathway towards good relations between Kainai and local non-Indigenous communities and building community capacity to improve the well-being of Kainai.

The research project about racism is being conducted by Dr. Gabrielle Lindstrom (Weasel Head) and facilitated by Blood Tribe Tribal Government.

An online link for the survey is available on the Blood Tribe Administration’s website, which is listed below, or you can request a mail-in version by contacting Waylon Heavy Runner with Tribal Government at [email protected] or 403-737-8112.

Survey Link:

All surveys will remain anonymous, as no names will be required to complete the document, so there is no need for you to feel concerned about sharing your viewpoints and having them connect back to you.

For more information regarding the survey or research project, you can contact:
• Principal Investigator – Dr. Gabrielle Lindstrom (Weasel Head) at [email protected]
• Co-Investigator – Annabel Crop Eared Wolf at [email protected]

The Human Research Ethics Board of Mount Royal University has approved this study. If you have any questions concerning your rights as a possible participant in this research, please contact the Research Ethics Officer with Mount Royal University by email at [email protected] or call 403-440-8470

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