Blood Tribe Election 2020 Notice: Nomination Day Requirements for Nominee – (November 3, 2020)

With nominations less than two days away, Tribal Government would like to remind everyone who plans to run in this year’s Blood Tribe election that a criminal record check and a payment in the form of a money order will be needed to complete the nomination process. 

Please be advised that no cash will be accepted as a form of payment, and there will be no exceptions made to the rules stated. If you don’t have both items present (criminal record check/money order), you will be turned away.

All money orders need to be made payable to (Blood Tribe).

You can get a money order from the Scotiabank or post office in Stand Off and at other financial institutes and post offices outside the Reserve.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Tribal members will not be able to attend the reading of nominations. Instead, a live-stream will be shown on the Blood Tribe Administration website (Home Page) to allow everyone the opportunity to see what is going on.

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