Due to the current weather situation in southern Alberta, Blood Tribe Public Works strongly advises Blood Reserve residents to stay home and NOT TRAVEL anywhere as many roads either poise for dangerous driving conditions or are shut down.

All Blood Reserve roads continue to have icy sections and are snow-covered due to drifting, creating poor driving visibility.

Please be advised, HWY 5 has been completely shut down, and all west to east roads are very slick and have treacherous driving visibility.

Highway 3 between Lethbridge and Coalhurst has also been reported to be closed.

As of 11:13 a.m., 511 Alberta reported a jack-knifed semi-trailer on HWY-505 (both directions) near Township Road 50A. The road is reported closed, and drivers are to use an alternate route or expect traffic delays.

To keep yourself updated with road condition information for southern Alberta and the province, please visit 511 Alberta.

Environment Canada has also issued a reminder that winter storm warnings are to remain in effect for southern Alberta, including the areas of Crowsnest Pass, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat. “Southern Alberta highways are in poor driving condition due to heavy snowfall accumulations, strong winds, drifting snow and near-zero visibility. AVOID ALL TRAVEL in the affected areas until conditions improve, particularly in the areas south and east of Highway 1, and south of Highway 3,” says Environment Canada.

Public Works would also like to notify Blood Reserve residents they will still try to provide services at this time but will be operating very slow due to the weather and road conditions. Please be patient and understanding as Public Works tries their best to accommodate and assist all community members while also wanting to ensure the safety of all, including their workers.

It’s also suggested for Blood Reserve residents to plan to stay home for the next couple of days until conditions improve.

*If you have any road concerns or water issues, please contact these employees with Blood Tribe Public Works.

Road Conditions:
Kelvin Black Horse – (403-634-4264)
Clement Black Water – (403-634-4263)

Water Issues:
Lawrence Mistaken Chief – (403-634-4265)

For extreme emergencies, please either call Blood Tribe Police Service or EMS.

Blood Tribe Police: (403-737-3800)
Emergency Medical Services: (403-737-8600) – Ext. 1 – (Blood Tribe Fire Hall)
Medical Emergencies: (911)

Highway 2 (Just leaving Moses Lake) – Photo Credit: Director of Public Works, Joe Healy
Vehicle blocking roads of Farm Form – Photo Credit: Director of Public Works, Joe Healy
Highway 2 (Canal by Weasel Fats) – Director of Public Works, Joe Healy

Stay Safe,
Blood Tribe Communications & Community Engagement

1 thought on “PUBLIC NOTICE: BLOOD RESERVE ROAD REPORT – BLOOD TRIBE PUBLIC WORKS – (Sunday, November 8, 2020 – 3:00 P.M.)”

  1. Oki Kainaiwa!

    I would like to point out the following error/typo:

    “…as many roads poise for dangerous driving conditions…:”

    Definition: poise – “graceful and elegant bearing in a person”

    Definition: pose – “present or constitute (a problem, danger, or difficulty).

    It should be: “…as many roads pose dangerous driving conditions…”

    Take care…and don’t forget to wear masks, wash hands, and keep a 2 metre distance!

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