Due to the current weather situation in southern Alberta, Blood Tribe Public Works strongly advises Blood Reserve residents to stay home and NOT TRAVEL anywhere as many roads either poise for dangerous driving conditions or are shut down.

In the past two days, strong northerly winds have made roads west to east slick and caused large amounts of drifting today. Winds have since shifted from the west, so now all roads from north to south are beginning to drift. The majority of roads in all directions are drifting. Workers are facing issues of high winds causing snow to plug up roads quickly after they are cleared.

Service Advisory:

  • Please make sure to have lots of food and to conserve water as much as possible. Water delivery is still in operation but is delayed due to road conditions. The department delivers 10-12 daily but slowed down to half. Thank you for your patience as workers are continuing services in these challenging conditions.
  • Please be careful if you come across a grader – you need to stay back as far as possible – this helps ensure the operators can maneuver machinery properly.
  • To help out water truck drives, please clear snow around your water cistern if you can.

Snow Removal Priorities:

  1. Main roads
  2. Side roads
  3. Driveways – high priority is being given to people on dialysis, with disabilities and medical conditions. In the case of extreme emergencies that require immediate assistance, you need to call police or EMS, and the nearest operator will assist. 

Snow Removal Updates:

ZONE 1 – Grader and loader assisting with main road and dialysis

ZONE 2 – Grader and loader assisting with main road and dialysis

ZONE 3 – Grader and loader assisting with main road and dialysis

ZONE 4 – Bulldozer and loader assisting with main road and dialysis

ZONE 5 – Grader and Forage Plant assisting with main road Highway 509 moving east to Whoop-Up bridge

ZONE 6 – Grading working the main road, Old Agency north to south and Healy Bridge west to Highway 509.

A special thank you to the Forage Plant and Lands departments who plan on assisting with snow removal, which is a difficult task at this time.

Highway Reports:

To keep yourself updated with road condition information for southern Alberta and the province, please visit 511 Alberta.

Public Works would also like to notify Blood Reserve residents they will still try to provide services at this time but will be operating very slow due to the wind and road conditions. Please be patient and understanding as Public Works tries their best to accommodate and assist all community members while also wanting to ensure the safety of all, including their workers.

It’s also suggested for Blood Reserve residents to plan to stay home until conditions improve.

*If you have any road concerns or water issues, please contact these employees with Blood Tribe Public Works.


Kelvin Black Horse – (403-634-4264)

Clement Black Water – (403-634-4263)

Water Issues:

Lawrence Mistaken Chief – (403-634-4265)

For extreme emergencies, please either call Blood Tribe Police Service or EMS.

Blood Tribe Police: (403-737-3800)

Emergency Medical Services: (403-737-8600) Ext. 1 – for (Blood Tribe Fire Hall)

Medical Emergencies: (911)


We will provide updates as they are received.

Stay safe,

Pam Blood

Director, Communications & Community Engagement

Blood Tribe/Kainai

Blood Reserve – Zone Map
Headquarters/St. Mary’s – Photo: Joe Healy
Headquarters/St. Mary’s – Photo: Joe Healy
South Zone 1 – Photo: Joe Healy
South Zone 3 – Photo: Joe Healy

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