Blood Tribe Remembrance Day – (Virtual Program)

Start Time: November 11, 2020 – 10:45 a.m.

Where: Blood Tribe Administration website (Home Page)

If you are experiencing any difficulties viewing the live-stream, please refresh the web page.

Also, if you are having troubles receiving the audio, please make sure to click unmute on the video screen.

In case you missed the live-stream, a replay of this video will be available all day on the Blood Tribe Administration website (Home Page)

Special thank you to everyone who contributed to this Remembrance Day program:

• Blood Tribe Chief & Council

• Chief Roy Fox

• Councillor Dorothy First Rider

• Tribal Government – Staff

• Annabel Crop Eared Wolf

• Verdun Hind Bull-Morning Owl

• Glenn Miller

• Charlie Crow Chief

• Joey Sugai


• Troy Delaney & Wylie Weasel Moccasin

• Bull Horn

• Black Lodge Singers

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