Blood Tribe Department/Emergency Phone Numbers

To ensure all Tribe members are safe during bad weather conditions or in the case of an emergency, we have compiled a list of phone numbers you can call to find help or address your needs.

Blood Tribe Public Works

Road Conditions:

Clement Black Water – (403-634-4263)

Water Issues:

Lawrence Mistaken Chief – (403-634-4265)

Safety Officer:

Delray First Rider – (403-635-4261)


Joe Healy – (403-635-4262) 

Blood Tribe Housing

Available on-call is Bernis Wells – (403-360-0842)


Furnace issues – (403-715-1281)

*please have your house meter number ready

Red Cross

If you have emergencies and require assistance – (1-888-800-6493) 

Blood Tribe Police Service


Emergency Medical Services

(403-737-8600) Ext: 1 for Blood Tribe Fire Hall

(911) for Medical Emergencies

Pam Blood

Director, Communications and Community Engagement

Blood Tribe/Kainai

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