Community Notice: Public Works – Snow Removal Update – (November 16, 2020)

To the Blood Tribe community, even though we are over a week past the initial winter storm that hit the Reserve, we are still dealing with the effects this snow has caused on day ten. 

The wind is still causing a lot of drifting from the remaining snow on the ground, which continues to pose the biggest challenge for us and is why we are still slowly getting to everyone. 

We have repeatedly plowed many main roads during this time, but the snow continues to build back from the drifting. A great deal of drifting comes from driveway fences, cattle guards, and tall grass, making it nearly impossible to keep the roads clear and open. 

Another issue we are also experiencing, at this time, is people calling our reception to report they are completely out of water. Yet on several instances when we arrive at the residence, their water cistern is still half full.

To help us be more efficient with our service delivery, we ask if people can please check their cistern to see where the water level is and conserve what they can. This way, we can get to the ones who are really in need.

Please have some patients and understanding as we continue to deal with this problem, as we are receiving over 200 + calls per day for snow removal and water delivery.

We are doing our best with a limited budget to fulfill our Reserve residents’ needs, and we are still working on getting to those areas that continue to plug-up and find a contractor to help provide us with assistance to complete this work.

Note: Please mark all water cisterns and lids, as indicated by Kelvin Black Horse, so Public Works can do the work, while preventing less damage.

The following zones are still requiring snow removal:

Stay Safe,

Blood Tribe Communications & Community Engagement

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