Oki Kainaiwa,

A few days ago, we informed Blood Tribe members about a COVID-19 positive case at the Kainai Continuing Care Centre. At this time, we will update you on the situation that has concerned everyone.

Yesterday, the Blood Tribe Department of Health confirmed to the Emergency Management that there is another positive case of COVID-19 at the facility, this time it affected one of our cherished residents. We know this development will cause immediate concern and distress because we hold our elders to the highest degree in our community. Please be assured that the KCC staff continue to provide the necessary care for our elders in the best manner and exercised precautions well before the first positive case arrived on the Blood Reserve. Our thoughts are with our elder and their family and encourage all Blood Tribe members to extend support and offer prayers for them.

The Kainai Continuing Care Centre staff and Blood Tribe Department of Health has worked quickly to enhance safety measures:

• Closing facility to visitors until further notice
• Immediate testing of all residents and staff
• Continue care by way of reducing numbers within a cohort

It has been a long nine months and the uncertainty has caused stress for our community, but we have also seen people rise above and respond with kindness, compassion, and assistance in the spirit of ensuring the well-being of our families, friends and Kainai. We again ask our Blood Tribe members to remain calm and be there for one another by way of phone, text, email, and other methods to ease the pain of isolation. It is a difficult time and if you do need to reach out please call our supportive staff at Kainai Wellness Centre at (403) 737-3888.

The safety of Kainai is of the utmost importance to us and we will continue to provide updates as our community responds to COVID-19 with strength, resilience and determination.


Nadine Tail Feathers
Blood Tribe Emergency Management and on Behalf of Blood Tribe Chief and Council

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