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COVID-19 – Updates and Safety Information for Blood Reserve – (November 21, 2020)

At this time, the Tribe feels for the Elders, who have been put in isolation at the Kainai Continuing Care Centre due to the recent active COVID-19 cases reported.

Now it’s understandable that people are feeling frustrated or upset, which are valid feelings, but what can be learned from this situation.

What efforts and actions need to be done, moving forward, to keep everyone safe during this pandemic and prevent another situation like that from happening?

It’s important to remember that COVID-19 doesn’t travel, but people do.

For this reason, the Blood Tribe Emergency Management Team would like to remind all Tribal members that it’s absolutely essential we step-up our efforts and diligently follow the COVID-19 safety guidelines.

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines:

• Physical Distancing of 2 meters (six feet)

• Wearing face masks when out in public or when physical distancing can’t be maintained

• Washing your hands often with warm water and soap for 20 seconds

• Using alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available

• Coughing and sneezing into your arm

• Cleaning and disinfecting areas that are frequently touched (home and office)

• Trying not to touch your face, nose or mouth

• Avoiding non-essential travel and gatherings

• Avoiding close contact with anyone who is sick

• Limiting your passengers to only your household members

• Staying home

The Blood Tribe Emergency Management Team understands that we all are becoming frustrated and exhausted from COVID-19, as we have been dealing with this virus for over eight months and just want to get back to our usual way of life.

However, to make this happen, we all collectively need to abide by the safety rules, and restrictions asked of us. 

From summer till now, Alberta has gone from reporting roughly 60 active cases per day to a record number of over 1000, which has recently prompted the province to set up new targeted public health measures to prevent the virus from spreading in various cities, like Lethbridge.

Measures to stay in effect until November 27 as this is what the province says is the “last chance to avoid more restrictive measures” since the virus’s daily active cases continue to rise. 

If we want to avoid having more restrictions implemented off or on the Reserve, we must remember to continue to do the simple things that make a difference, like wearing a face mask.

Now, if you have to be out in public for any reason this weekend or as we move forward during this pandemic, the Blood Tribe Emergency Management Team wants to emphasize the importance of wearing a face mask and stresses that all members should do so. Since wearing a face mask is very effective in preventing the transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

We all understand that wearing a face mask is annoying and is bothersome. Still, this simple act of wearing one can make a huge difference in preventing the spreading of the COVID-19 virus. Face masks help create a shield by containing the air particles we release when we breathe from travelling into the air, which is one way the virus can be transmitted from one to another.

We can also help minimize the spread of COVID-19 by staying within our regular household and avoid interacting with other social bubbles or cohorts.

Please remember, if you or your family members need a face mask, you can still pick them up for free at various locations on the Reserve.

• Blood Tribe Administration Building – Entrance •

• Human Resource Building – Entrance •

• Kainai Marketplace 

• Albert’s Gas Bar 

• White Quills – (Gas Plus) Gas Bar 

• Thunderchief Gas Bar 

• Levern Clinic 

• Kainai Wellness Centre – Entrance 

• Kainai Continuing Care Centre – Entrance 

• Bringing The Spirit Home – Entrance 

• Home Care Community Health – Entrance 

• Standoff Clinic – Entrance 

• Spirit of Hope Community House – #729 Stand Off 

• White Calf Hall – (8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.) 

Currently, door to door delivery of face masks is being done in the communities of Moses Lake, Levern and Stand Off. When road conditions improve, face masks are also planned to be delivered in rural areas as well.

Anyone living in the rural area, we ask that you pick-up the face masks you need from the locations listed above. However, if you don’t have transportation and are in need, you can call to make arrangements to have some delivered. Please call Lenora Many Fingers at 403-737-8130.

Just remember, all our actions can make a difference either positively or negatively in the way the COVID-19 virus can be contracted or transmitted, so let’s make good decisions and prevent this from happening further.

Stay Safe,

Blood Tribe Communications & Community Engagement

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