PUBLIC NOTICE – Blood Tribe Lands Management to Conduct Survey About Securing Food – (December 15, 2020)


The following survey is to request feedback from Blood Tribe Members regarding securing food for our families. We want to know about your thoughts on wild game, Elk, Deer and Moose and would your families want to have this type of meat made available to you.  We are trying to conduct this survey in the safest way possible by offering online and/or written forms dropped off at our office, still utilizing the COVID-19 Protocols for the Blood Tribe.

Our intention is to review the feedback from the questions to see if there is enough interest in the community that want wild game and to utilize our own members to conduct the hunting.  The meat will be processed and distributed to those who would like this service.

Please complete the survey and drop off or submit by the following by January 31, 2021:

Any questions, please contact the Blood Tribe Land Management Department at 403-737-8151.

Sent on behalf of Blood Tribe Land Management Department, December 15, 2020:

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