January 19, 2021

For the second time during the COVID-19 pandemic, Blood Tribe Chief and Council will provide food and cleaning supplies to Blood Tribe members. Starting on Wednesday, January 20th, the Blood Tribe will begin the first phase of gift card distribution to Blood Reserve residents. All gift cards issued will be for the amount of $200 for the purchase of food and cleaning supplies only and redeemable at the Kainai Market Place.

All cards will be delivered in plastic packages which will include a Blood Tribe COVID-19 Response information pamphlet with an update on the recent Blood Tribe Chief and Council orders, January 15th, and vaccine information provided by Blood Tribe Community Health.

ON-RESERVE GIFT CARD DISTRIBUTION: Gift cards will be delivered to Blood Reserve residents by Blood Tribe Administration staff in order to avoid line ups and overcrowding and will follow strict COVID-19 safety measures. To ensure the safety of residents, staff are unable to engage in face-to-face discussions during delivery.

Starting on Monday, January 25th, any household that holds more than one family (parent with dependents) can call their Housing Relations Officer at Blood Tribe Housing Information, or house list to see if they qualify for an additional card. Door-to-door distribution of these additional cards, to those households that qualify, will take place February 8th.

All the packages will be taped to the door; however, if there is no answer at the home then the card will NOT be left at the residence. The resident will be notified when they can receive their card.

OFF-RESERVE GIFT CARD DISTRIBUTION: The gift card distribution to off-reserve Blood Tribe members is currently being coordinated with Blackfoot Confederacy. More information will become available at the end of the week as details are finalized. An update will be provided on their website as soon as construction is completed. The gift cards will be for the total amount of $200 and redeemable at Safeway/Sobeys businesses for food and cleaning supplies only.


We will continue to provide updates as they are received.

Stay Safe,

Pam Blood

Director, Communications and Community Engagement

Blood Tribe/Kainai


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