COVID-19 Safety Restrictions Comparison List – (Blood Reserve – Province of Alberta)

The document provided below was created to show Tribal members the current COVID-19 Enhanced Safety Restrictions for both the Blood Reserve and the Province of Alberta.

All information found in this document originates from the Blood Tribe Chief and Council Order – Enhanced Safety Measures, and the Province of Alberta COVID-19 State of Public Health Emergency – Mandatory Measures, which was revised on February 8, 2021.

Please be advised, if there is a conflict with the measures in this document and or any Federal or Provincial law or regulation, the Order issued by Chief and Council on January 15, 2021 are the Main Restrictions that must be followed on the Blood Reserve.

All restrictions and safety measures, from the Order issued by Chief and Council on January 15, 2021, will be strictly enforced through the coordination of Blood Tribe Department of Health, Director of Management/team, and Blood Tribe Police Service. 

To see the PDF version of this document with active web links, either visit the COVID-19 web page on this site or click below:

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