Message From The Blood Tribe Emergency Management Team

 FEBRUARY 26, 2021 

A big THANK YOU to the Vaccinators who issued close to 1,000 Moderna vaccines to our Blood Tribe members since February 9th. 

Reminder to all that we need to continue following health guidelines to fight the spread of COVID-19 on our Reserve. Even if you have received the vaccine, you need to be careful around those who have not received it. 

Still practice: 

– Wash hands for 20 seconds/use hand sanitizer 

– Wear masks 

– Physical distancing 6 feet/2 meters 

– Do not visit other households 

– No wakes are allowed 

– Funerals limited to 10 attendees 

We also want to remind everyone that on-reserve COVID-19 safety measure orders from Chief and Council overrule provincial measures – on the Blood Reserve. 

We are in this together and encourage kindness and compassion as Kainaiwa. 

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