Blood Tribe Emergency Management Team – TRAVEL ADVISORY NOTICE – (March 11, 2021)

As the Blood Tribe COVID-19 Stat Tracker shows a decline in numbers, it is important to know that the Blood Reserve still sees NEW cases on a daily basis. This is a concerning development, so we strongly advise our residents to avoid visiting different households, as our health professionals report this is the major cause of COVID-19 spread increases on our Reserve.

We know this has been an exhaustive effort for everyone as we near the first anniversary of our State of Emergency. We want to commend all of you working together to educate and encourage each other during these difficult times.

We want to further inform Blood Tribe members that we have witnessed rising cases in surrounding communities, specifically the Town of Cardston. We do not encourage any shopping in high-risk areas that purposely defy provincial rules based on public health measures. It is unfortunate that our community members face these challenges; therefore, we encourage you to utilize transportation supports and shop with our local vendors, or in other towns that are equal in our fight against the spread of COVID-19. This is of the utmost importance since COVID-19 variants have since entered the South Zone.

It was in the best interest of our residents that the Blood Tribe be transparent on the number of active cases in the community by posting updates which Blood Tribe Department of Health has gathered. We thank all Blood Tribe members who have used these information tools in order to get our positive cases down to make sure our community is safe.

If you need to travel to high-risk communities please continue, or ramp up, extra safety precautions:

  • Only travel and shop for essentials – food, fuel, medical supplies
  • Wear a mask
  • Wash hands for 20 seconds and use hand sanitizer after purchases or touching highly touched surfaces (eg. Handle rails, door handles)
  • Do not touch your face
  • Physical distance of 2 meters/6 feet between yourself and others
  • Do not enter other households outside of your cohort or bubble
  • Avoid crowded places – stores, restaurants
  • Stay home if sick/ill – do not go to work, school, or in public

Thank you to our Health care professionals, Community Health Team and all essential and frontline staff for their daily commitment in keeping the Blood Reserve safe. And again thank you to all community members who continue to look out for each other – you are truly making a difference.

Stay Safe Kainaiwa

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