Blood Reserve School Bus Co-Op Update – Operation Status for School Buses – (April 13, 2021)

Please take note that all buses are scheduled to run on April 19th, 2021 for the students of the Blood Reserve, to destinations on and off reserve. The decision not to run until April 19th was based on
consultation between the Blood Reserve School Bus Co-op and the Blood Tribe DEM and Blood Tribe Chief and Council. The Easter break may cause a spike in Covid-19 cases on the Blood Reserve, for that reason the Blood Tribe is closely monitoring the Covid-19 cases that may have come about as a result of the Easter Break and family gatherings. Your children’s safety is our main concern and the Blood Tribe DEM and Bus Co-op are being very vigilant in taking all necessary precautions during this trying time. Your patience and understanding is well appreciated. As long as there is not a spike with this pandemic Blood Reserve and the schools we travel to, all buses will run on April 19, 2021. We will give another update before April 19th, 2021. All Bus Drivers, Safety Ride Along assistants and Staff of the Bus Co-op are encouraged to attend the clinics happening daily and over this weekend on the Blood Reserve.
Thank you for your understanding and if for any reason you need to discuss matters further please call Trina Heavy Shields, Manager at 403-894-7040, the DEM, Derrick Fox at 403-634-7104, Rick Soup at 403-393-5513 and or Nadine Tail Feathers at 403-634-7396.
Kelvin Fox, President
Trina Heavy Shields, Manager

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