Blood Tribe Opioid Task Force – Implementing Actions in Response to All-Time High Drug Overdose Fatalities on Blood Reserve – (May 5, 2021)

Please read and share this IMPORTANT statement from the Blood Tribe Opioid Task Force for May 5, 2021.

Blood Tribe Opioids Response – May 2021 

Blood Tribe Chief and Council shares your deep concern about the losses our community is currently experiencing and knows the urgency to eliminate access to these harmful drugs from our loved ones. This issue is larger than just one department, one person, or leadership but requires the commitment of all community members. Chief and Council is supporting all concerned individuals to ramp up efforts to protect our Reserve and has ordered our Administration Departments and Entities to continue to concentrate efforts in facing this serious situation. 

Task Force in Action 

Between April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021 Kainai Wellness Centre reported 91 deaths linked to drug overdoses of Blood Tribe members. In response to this alarming number, a core group of administrators heightened its actions to step in to identify the necessary efforts to stop this illicit activity and work to save lives. Right now, there are supports for members attempting to recover from their addictions by means of entering detox, drug treatment and transition programs specific to opioid use. In addition to these resources, there are continued efforts in the areas of children services, mental health, law enforcement and housing which have identified key areas that are impacted by drug activity. 

This core group has identified a key Task Force which is mobilizing to concentrate on immediate concerns on addressing drug trafficking, dealing, recovery supports and help for families. 

Involved Task Force Members – but not limited to: Blood Tribe Police Service, Emergency Management Services, Kainai Wellness Centre, Harm Reduction, Foot Patrol, Kainaiwa Children Services, Blood Tribe Housing and Dr. Esther Tail Feathers. 

Next Steps 

The Task Force will implement immediate actions to be measured in the first 30-60-90 days. Frontline workers, addictions specialists, health professionals identified 27 actions that will start immediately. The Core Group and the Task Force are working together to access resources to meet these goals within these time frames. All coordinated efforts will be monitored and reported to Chief and Council at every regular meeting. 

Along with the coordinated effort we also encourage the involvement and cooperation of our community members to stop this dangerous problem that is stealing childhoods, family members, and threatening our way of life. 

Stay Safe,

Blood Tribe Communications & Community Engagement

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